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Jerry Xu

I am a patent law practitioner. In my spare time, I help middle school and high school students prepare the standardized tests required for college admission, merit scholarships, and gifted educational programs. This fall, I am going to offer the ACT prep course to 7th-8th graders who are motivated to participate the highly competitive Duke University Talent Identification Program (“Duke TIP”, best known for its summer studies programs). My goal is to help my students achieve outstanding ACT scores eligible for the 2016 Duke TIP summer program.

My class will meet two hours a week on Sunday afternoon and is taught at a fast pace, covering numerous subjects for each section of ACT (English, Math, Reading and Science). Aside from classroom learning, students shall expect two hours Out-of-Class assignment after each class. Parents’ engagement is needed to keep your youngster up with the fast-paced learning process.

Please visit for Duke TIP information.