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A00-2 CSL Kids Chinese

CSL for Non-Chinese heritage Kids Students Class is always filled with laughter and smiles. This class is designed especially for the kids that have recently or just want to learn the Chinese language. The teacher Yunxia Cai, teaches activities that help the kids remember the characters and phrase. This class has been comprised of the same great group of students and teacher for the past 2 years. It is always a joy to be in the class with these happy children. The class as a whole is unbelievably talented and smart. All of them are always up for a challenge or competition or both. They are amazing hard workers.

The methods of teaching are a little bit different. Instead of long hours slaving away at the textbook, the class does many fun activities. An average class day starts out with review. The phrases and characters are written on the board and the kids love to turn it into a friendly competition and try to name alt the words. After that, we will take a small quiz then continue on to a new lesson. Usually, the class likes to learn with an activity such as when they did the grocery lesson, they created a small shopping center in the class. Sometimes, they will play charades and try to guess the action their fellow peers are demonstrating. Lastly, these competitive kids can’t help but wrap up the class with a game. The person who can consecutively pronounce the most amount of vocabulary terms is announced the winner.

Homework, for the most part, is kept light. This class also participates in many school activities such as performances and the Chinese speech competition. The kids in this class are always eager to participate in different things.

In the CSL for Non-Chinese heritage Adults Students Class , we used “Integrated Chinese” level 1 textbook for the past two years, we started pinyin, right now students learned lots of characters, we now focus more on the conversational part of the Chinese language. Our class has built up a strong and solid friendship and class times are always a lot of fun.

Overall, these two classes are comprised of great students, an amazing teacher and different teaching strategies. In these classes, Chinese is fun!