School Location Change Notice 新授课地点通知

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          理查逊(RISD)学区自去年秋季开始,其学区行政管理部门做出了一项新的政策规定, 2017年起,所有RISD公立学校不再从事长期出租业务。于是,RISD本着与我们学校长期友好合作关系出发,特地给我们延长至2017年春季学期结束。其目的就给我们学校充分的时间去寻找新的授课校址。以上,就是我们开始此项工作的初始原因。与此同时,学校理事会代表学校和孩子家长们对多年来,RISD学区给予达拉斯现代汉语学校近20年来帮助与支持表示了我们衷心的谢意。

          近段时间以来,大家对学校授课地点搬迁一事一直都很关心且牵动着各位的期盼。在这个过程中,学校的每位教职员工,现任理事会理事们以及历届理事,校长和老师们,孩子家长们还有社会各界人士都非常关心学校的去向。 带着大家的期盼和重托, 经过理事会全体理事和学校管理团队多方联系,广泛听取各方意见以及最大范围地收集可能的学区出租信息并经过多方面,多轮次地谈判,实地调研和考查,并从最大限度地满足学校和社区利益以及方便孩子们就近入学等诸多因素的考量后, 学校理事会最终为大家作出了如下新授课校址选择。希望能得到大家的支持与认可。


约翰葆罗二世高中(John Paul II High School

地点 (Add)900 Coit Road, Plano, TX 75075

           因此, 达拉斯现代汉语学校从20178月份起 (即今年秋季学期),学校的上课地点改到以上学校授课。望大家尽可能地相互转告,为感!学校也将会通过各类报纸,报刊,及其它多种传播媒介向社会广泛公布。







Dear All:


This is to notify that RISD has made policy change in leasing of their school facilities in 2017, the RISD would no longer lease any of their schooling premises or facilities since this Fall 2017 for long-term use. As a consequence, this policy has affected DMCLS in this regard. As a way of courtesy, RISD has already extended their leasing term specifically for us until the end of this Spring semester in 2017.

Given this circumstance, DMCLS Board and School management team have been working diligently to locate another schooling premises ever since this Spring semester. With all the available information and effort spent on our thorough search and several-round negotiations with the potential schools that are available for leasing, the DMCLS has made a final decision on the following school facility which has been weighed based on multiple benefits for the DMCLS as well as our students at maximum. Hopefully, this would make all of us satisfied in terms of location, environment and conveniences contained therein.


School Name: John Paul II High School

Address:   900 Coit Road, Plano, TX 75075


Detailed school floor map and each classroom assignment will be notified via another email to every student sometimes around Jul. 2017 as we completely settle down.

Please be kindly noted that starting from this coming Fall semester in 2017, DMCLS will host all the classes in the above-mentioned school facility. Meanwhile, please kindly pass this information to whomever you know of. Surely, DMCLS will announce this location change through our school website and local mass media vehicles such as newspapers, text messaging, and or WeChat, etc. in an effort to enable everyone aware of this new schooling location.

By taking this chance, the Board of DMCLS would like to express our thanks to all of you for your kind understanding and patience with us all the time.


Best wishes



April 20, 2017

Map of new location



DMCLS_JPII Floor Plan1



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